GREE AIR CURTAIN 3 Feet FM-1.25-9K Price in Bangladesh

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FM-1.25-9K || Gree Brand 3 Feet Air Curtain in Bangladesh

  • Brand : Gree
  • 100% Official Product (Electro Mart)
  • 100% Official Warranty.
  • Model : Gree Air Curtain 3 Feet

Model: FM-1.25-9K ( 3 Feet ).

Produces High-Speed Air Barrier, Dividing Areas Into 02 Independent Temp Zones.

  • Prevents Loss Of Cool Or Warm Air.
  • Dust And Insect-Control.
  • Remote Control System.
  • Air Flow 1200 (M³/H).
  • 110 (Watt) Input And Power Supply 220V.
  • Effective Up To 8ft Floor Heights.
  • Noise : 56 (DB).
  • Dimension [L/W/H] : 900/193/215 (mm).
  • Net Weight: 16 KG.
  • One (1) Year Replacement Warranty.





FM-1.25-9K || Gree Brand 3 Feet Air Curtain in Bangladesh.

Capacity/Size: 3 feet / 900 mm / 36 inch.
Model: FM-1.25-9K
Applicable/Effective: Door Width 3’ & Door Height 10’.
(Automatic Restart Function, Manual & Wireless Remote Controller Both Operations)

Origin: Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai, China.
Made In: China

Exclusive Warranty:

  1. 01 Yr Motor- Warranty,
  2. 01 Yr Spare Parts,
  3. 01 Yr After Sales Service (free of cost).

Technical Specifications (FM-1.25-9K):

  1. Power Supply: 220-240V/1Ph/50Hz.
  2. Applicable: Door Width-3’, Door Height-10’.
  3. Power Consumption: 110 W.
  4. Air Flow: 1200 m3/hr / 700 CFM.
  5. Noise Level (High): 59 dB(A).
  6. Dimension (WxDxH): 900x220x225 mm.
  7. Net Weight/Gross Weight: 15.5/17 Kg.

Special Features (FM-1.25-9K):

  1. Produces high-speed air barrier, dividing areas into 02 independent temp zones.
  2. Prevents loss of cool or warm air.
  3. Save Energy.
  4. Dust and insect-control.
  5. Protects against entry of smoke and noxious fumes.
  6. Soot and dust particle away in the grubby environment of industries.
  7. Easy to Install & Maintenance.
  8. Manufacture from the superior quality material.
  9. Ensures durability for a long run.
  10. Helpful in various applications.
  11. Operating Switch (low/off/high).
  12. Effective up to 10 ft floor heights.
  13. Available size in 3ft / 4ft.

Air Curtain Applications:

  1. Cold Storages.
  2. Restaurants.
  3. Warehouse/Distribution Centers.
  4. Food Processing Plants.
  5. Supermarkets/Shopping Mall.
  6. Commercial Front Door Entrances.
  7. Hospitals.
  8. Retail Stores.
  9. Bakeries.
  10. Pharmaceuticals & Clean Room.



Gree Air Curtain 3 Feet through a entrance depends on breeze causes, heat range variations (convection), and stress variations. Air gates work best when stress differential between the inner and outside of the developing is as near to fairly neutral as possible. Negative demands, excessive heat range variations, lifts in closeness, or excessive moisture can limit the efficiency of air gates.

The most efficient air curtain for containing programmed air within a structure with an open entrance will have a high experience speed at the outlet, generated by top-down circulation, and air restoration by a recirculating air plenum and duct return to the source lovers. This settings is easy for new construction, but difficult to apply in current structures. The Gree Air Curtain 3 Feet with low external breeze velocity; at higher breeze velocities, the rate of air combining improves and the outside air portion of the total experience circulation improves. Under ideal conditions of zero breeze, the efficiency of the air entrance is at its maximum, but in breezy places air gates cannot create a perfect closure, but are often used to lessen the amount of infiltration from a dent.


Gree Air Conditioner Authorized Sales Point (Gree Bangladesh)

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Shop No # 29-30, 1st Floor, House No # 3, Road No # 3, Dhanmondi, (Back Side of City College), , Dhaka-1205
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